• Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exciting and challenging sport that will give you a rush like no other!
Combining physical strength with mental focus, rock climbers study routes, figuring out moves as they go, and then use insane power, flexibility and agility to conquer dizzying heights.
Learn all the basic techniques of knots, safe climbing, rock progression, warming up and breathing exercises and get ready for some serious fun.
You have the choice between 3 different locations: 
  • Albion Phare
  • Baie du Cap
  • Le Pouce Mountain


Check out below highlights;


Albion Phare also known as Pointe aux Caves , inaugurated in 1910.It is still in use , 30meters high it offers an excellent view over the region. The Belle Vue Cliffs are easily accessible and are 10 minutes’ walk away from the lighthouse of Albion.
This region, stretching itself from Mahebourg to Le Morne, from one point to the other, is exceptional.
From small coastal villages to the township, the coast is wild and the open sea is never sea off. 
Starting off from St Pierre, the track progresses up the southern flank, becoming rougher as it steepens. There’s always a cool breeze blowing on that slope of the mountain, making even the hottest summer days bearable.
The Pouce is an hour and a half walk, with beautiful views over the central plateau of the island. The view is relatively easy for a mountain with several view stops before reaching the thumb where you can enjoy the panoramic view over Port Louis capital, its harbor and surrounding hills: a 360 degree feast!
  • Duration: 3hr
  • Operating Days: On request
  • Meal and Refreshment: Cereal Bars and Water

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