Q. Why should I book through toursbooking?

Enjoy special and discounted rates online 
Guarantee in advance your place on the activity you desire
Book any trip upon your availability, on the time and date which suit you most
Enjoy payment facilities using all major credit cards

Q. Are the prices displayed already discounted?

All the prices on the website are already discounted, you can enjoy special prices for website orders only.

Q. Do we offer special promotions?

Sure we do! Every month we propose special promotion rates on selected trips.

These promotion prices are valid as of the time of order. This means that in case you order an activity when it is offered for a promotion price and then after the price of this activity increases, you will still benefit from the special promotion price which you have paid.

Q. How many days in advance should you book your activity?

It depends on the activity in which you are interested in and on the period of the year for which you would like to make the booking.

For our most popular activities and trips we do recommend finalizing the booking enough time in advance during any period during the year.

This is of course even more relevant during the peak season (November – February), where activities are usually fully booked thus advance booking is a must.

Q. Do we have an office in Mauritius?

Mauritius Tours Booking is a Mauritius based company.Our company’s headquarters are situated in Roche Brunes at the Center of Mauritius.


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