• Canyonning


Get away from the beaches and take a thrilling trip to the interior of the island!
Canyoning is a nature activity that takes you to stunning beautiful places. This outdoor sport consists of hiking along rivers, swimming, jumping in rivers and ponds and rappelling down rock faces through waterfalls.
The combination of waterfalls, scenic views, fast ziplines, abseils, water jumps, lush green environment and the excitement of doing something different is what makes our Canyonning trips a unique experience with unforgettable memories.
Check out below highlights;

This discovery trip is the most popular of our activities.It is easy, fun and accessible to all. The trip starts with a small hike to the first waterfall of 15m where participants get the first feel of abseiling for real. The group then crosses the water pond and boulder walk down the river to reach the second waterfall: an impressive 40m drop into the canyon.After landing on a small rocky platform everyone can have several go at the high speed Zip-line landing in water. 
  • Operating Days: Wednesday/ sunday 
  • Duration: 4hr
  •  Meal & Refreshments: Water and Cereals 
Situated on the Central Plateau, 20min from the town of Curepipe, Eau Bleu, also called Cascade Rama, sources off the Eau Bleu reservoir, in central south of the island.  The name from the azure ponds that are often supplied by underground water springs in summer, giving the whole river a blue glare. We start the day with a safety and equipment briefing, where you will learn the basics of river communications and abseiling.
  • Operating days:  On request
  • Duration: 5hr 
  • Meal & Refreshments: Water and Cereals

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Tamarind Falls
Eau Bleue
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