• Trail-Running Mauritius

Trail-Running Mauritius

Learn and explore every aspects of the practice of Trail-Running, the training, the technology, the equipment, the management of nutrition, distances, verticality and its impact on our muscles. You'll learn the techniques of downhill running, and the importance of resting & recovery.
There are different outings to meet everyone's level, from beginners to advanced trail-runners:
  • Short distance trail
  • Medium distance trail
  • Long distance trail


Check out below highlights;

  • Easy – 11km
The smoothest tracks of the park, this course is open to all.. Starting on a jeep track for the first few kilometers, they quickly make our way down to a small single track that takes us on the banks on the Mare Longue dam. We run on the side of the dam for a while before making our way back up to the start point.

Cumulative altitude gained:155m.


  • Technical – 11km
After a kilometer only on a rocky jeep track, we may our way up a steep single track: “the pilgrims trail” which was used by the pilgrims at the time. Once at the top, we take a short trail that will have us cross a river at the top of a waterfall. A small climb before we take a technical track down. Chains and ladders will be there to help you.

Cumulative altitude gained: 800m.
  • Easy – 17km
An easy beginning around the Mare Longue dam before we take single track including a river crossing at the top of a waterfall. A short climb followed by a steep descent that will take us to the lowest point of the outing. A gradual climb along a jeep track will slowly take us back to the starting point.

Cumulative altitude gained: 550m.
  • Technical – 17km
We start off along a rocky road before taking a steep hidden single track, left unspoiled, leading us to the highest peak of Mauritius: the Black River Peak (828m). We have breathtaking views on the island. We make our way down a gradual track taking us through the National Park’s view point before taking the steep single track down known as Parakeet.

Cumulative altitude gained: 1000m.
  • Technical – 25km
Starting off on the road for a few hundred meters, we take a steep single track up one of the most untouched and unspoiled routes of the park. The team eventually get to the top and have a easier road awaiting you. You will go around the whole park gradually going up through jeep tracks and single tracks before taking on our last climb that will lead us to the Black-River Peak at 828m. A steep and technical single track down before ending the outing.

Cumulative altitude gained: 1300m.
  • Snacks & Refreshments
  • Operating hours: Flexible
  • Operating days: Monday-Friday 
  • Minimum 2 Pax

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