• Hiking at Bras D'eau National Park

Hiking at Bras D'eau National Park

Discover this beautiful walk under the huge trees of the forest of Bras d'Eau.
Wonderful forest with small trails bringing you to a few natural lakes. You may come across the endemic Paradise fly catcher that resides in these woods. You will visit the information
center and be able to see the ruins of the old sugar mill and well dating back to the 18th century,not far away, we will pass by a magnificent lake.


Check out below highlights;

  • Duration: Half-day trip 9 hr to 12 h 30
  • Hiking Kms: 6 kms
  • Meeting Point: At the Bras d`eau Beach near the Coast Guard post.
  • Snacks
  • Juice
Minimum of participant: 2 Pax
Found inside the lagoon off the north east coast of Mauritius, Ile D'Ambre is about 140 hectares in total area. Its nearest point is only about 400 metres from the coast line. The island is under the responsibility of the Forestry Services of the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources.Much of the coastline of l'ile d'Ambre is surrounded by mangrove trees or rocks. There practically are no sandy beaches, except on ilot Bernache which is very close to ile d'Ambre and can be considered to be part of it.The Mangrove on this island is doing well and new seedlings canbe seen growing out of the sand.In certain parts of the island, outgrowth of Aloe plants, Furcraea foetida is a threat to the forest floor as it is to the few remaining stretches of lowland forests on the main land.On the island, there are a few interesting features like a small and old stone building most probably erected when the island was French, an inland salt lake and a marshy salt pond.

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