• Heritage Nature Reserve-Flash Sale

Heritage Nature Reserve-Flash Sale

Enjoy a day filled with adventures at Heritage Nature Reserve !


Get ready to discover the south of Mauritius at Herritage Nature Reserve with our flash salas! You will have the opportunity to explore the nature side of the island including green vegetation, spectacular views and rich wildlife, while enjoying an exciting quad bike/buggy ride of 1 Hour. After the amazing quad biking/buggy excursion, you will have some free time for a light lunch at 'Enba Pié' Restaurant. Your package includes the Bay2Bay Tour,  the  unique road trip will introduce you to the untamed beauty of a coastline that has lost none of its natural appeal. The trip will take you for a unique journey with remarkable views of  natural setting.
Nestled within the spectacular and historic 2,500-hectare domain of Heritage Bel Ombre, Heritage Nature Reserve is a must-visit in Mauritius. It offer a one of a kind, year-round premium experience in the heart of scenic 1,300-hectare nature reserve wrapped in a stunning biodiversity that packs in plenty of fun, adventure and thrills for visitors of all ages and interests.
The experiences are designed with the utmost respect for ecology, the surrounding people and communities. We also demonstrate our commitment to conservation through our long-standing partnerships with public authorities and specialist organisations like the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Reef Conservation and SOS Patrimoine.


Check out below highlights;

  • 1-Hour Fun Buggy or Quad Ride
  • Lunch
  • Bay2Bay Tour
  • Minimum 2 persons per buggy or quad
  • Operational day and hour: Subject to availability
  • Light Lunch
  • Water Included
1-Hour Fun Buggy/Quad
Enjoy a thrilling activity amidst nature riding your quad bike in a breathtaking place rich in colorful fauna and flora, refreshing waterfalls, evergreen forests and unique geological landscapes. Ride along the off-beaten track. Grab a chance to experience an exciting off-road eco-buggy adventure and explore the wild south of Mauritius. As you go deeper into the nature reserve, you will make contact with a vast vegetation and endemic bird species such as; the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Black Bulbul or the Mauritius Kestrel. The most memorable part of this route is the spectacular view over the Domaine de Bel Ombre, some 2500 hectares in the south-west of Mauritius, stretching from the mountains to the turquoise lagoon.


Duration: 1hr30mins




  • Quad-Drivers must be at least 18 years old and passengers at least 12 years old.
  • Buggy:  Drivers must be at least 16 years old and passengers at least 5 years old.


Bay2Bay Tour
Succumb to the charm of Mauritius’ South as you discover one exquisite bay after another. This unique road trip will introduce you to the untamed beauty of a coastline that has lost none of its natural appeal. Aboard a comfortable minivan, you will discover this unspoiled part of Mauritius thanks to your driver and guide, who will reveal the history of each of the areas you visit. Enjoy a journey through time that will take you from Baie du Jacotet to Baie de La Prairie, along one of the most beautiful roads in the world.
Duration: 1hr30mins

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