• Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve Rodrigues

Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve Rodrigues

Join  a guided tour that will take you on an adventure through our 20ha Reserve where you will have a taste of what pristine Rodrigues would have looked like. Walking and interacting with giant tortoises roaming freely, discovering the amazing native flora and ending with an incursion in the Grande Caverne with its majestic limestone formations. Enjoy throughout the visit the magnificent sight of tropic birds flying to and from their nesting hollows in the Reserve’s limestone cliffs.
The Reserve is located in the south western part of Rodrigues, a unique landscape of limestone features including 9 impressive caves and dolines. Among them there is the aptly named cave, Grande Caverne which has been equipped with state of art walkways, steps and eco-friendly lighting. Grande Caverne is the only electrified ‘Show Cave’ in the south-west Indian Ocean. All done to international standards with the help of an Australian cave consultant.
The Reserve houses a museum depicting the human, faunal and geological history of Rodrigues. A tour through the four galleries of the museum will give to visitors a sound knowledge of Rodrigues. Hundreds of local and international school children visit the Reserve every year and the museum is a wonderful pedagogical tool to inculcate in them an interest and concern for the natural environment.
The tour includes:
  • Visit of the Tortoises Reserve Park
  • Guided tour of the Caves
  • Visit to the Giant Tortoises museum
Check out below highlights;

  • Operating day: All days
  • Operating hour: 09:30-13:30-14:30
  • Duration: 2hr( Guided Visit Tour)
  • Minimum Person: 2 Adults
Guided tours only
The reserve now consists of more than 650 radiated tortoises and 600 Aldabra tortoises. The radiated tortoises are considered to be one of the most beautiful tortoises in the world, with a carapace (shell) decorated with brilliant yellow lines radiating from the centre of each plate, creating a very distinctive pattern which also provides them with camouflage in their natural habitat. The Aldabra tortoises are the last surviving giant tortoise species that once inhabited the Indian Ocean islands and all the young tortoises seen were born in the reserve.

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