• Discovery Package

Discovery Package

Experience our discovery package which is perfect for a couple holiday! You are free to choose your destination and visit the island in Mini Moke during a full day.

The next day you will embark for an amazing undersea walk activity, unique, safe and fun experience in the morning,  followed by a wonderful moment on a unique embarkation while being pampered by a therapists with a relaxing massage in the afternoon.
On the 3rd day you will explore the underwater and escape to a different world with new colors, shapes, textures, creatures, from historic shipwrecks and fragile reef with a Scuba diving session in the west coat of  Mauritius.
Check out below highlights;

  • Day 1: Maurititius discovery in Mini Moke
  • Day 2: Underwater sea walk 
  • Day 2: Couple Massage Candock Wellness
  • Day 3:  Initiation to Scuba Diving
Mauritius discovery in Mini Moke: 
  • Required driving licence
  • Operating  days: All days
  • You can choose your itinerary or we can guide you to the best places to visit in Mauritius
  • Duration: 8hr
Underwater Sea Walk North:
  • Operating day: All days
  • Operating Hour: 10h00 a.m -15h00 p.m
  • Duration: Approximately 1hour
Couple Massage:
  • Operating day: Monday- Saturday
  • Operating hour: 09:00 -18:00  (Last session 16:00 )
  • Duration: 1hr
Initiation to scuba diving: 
  • Operating day:  Monday- Saturday
  • Operating hour: 10:30  am
  • The participant must be in good health - Medical certificate is compulsory for participants under medical treatment, or else no dive with asthma, diabetes and hypertension divers and participants above 60 yrs old.
  • The package price is for 2 Pax ( 1 Couple)
  • The vehicle price is for 2 Pax and for the 2 days including additional spot if you want to go on your own after your undersea walk & Candock Wellness Massage ( Day 2) & initiation to scuba diving( Day 3)
  • Undersea Walk North : You will dive from a platform which is moored just inside the lagoon reef in 3-4-meter depth of water. You will be taken from the shore to the platform by a transfer boat. Once on board you are given an explanatory briefing on how the undersea walk functions. You’ll then take part in a guided tour of the sandy bottom of the lagoon. Swimming is not at all involved in this activity so the sport is open to all non-swimmers. You will be accompanied by professional and experienced staff trained in first aid.
  • Candock Wellness: An original concept combining the wellbeing with the beautiful and peaceful features of our lagoons. The therapists will welcome you with a refreshing drink and we will take you to the middle of the lagoon to resource mind and body on the beautiful sound of the wavelets.


  • Initiation to scuba diving:  Dives -  What's involved in the first try dive ?
    After meeting with your instructor, who will go over the fundamentals of scuba diving to enjoy your dive safely, you'll enter the water ready for your scuba adventure. You will  practise the initial skills in shallow water and then get ready for your first open water dive under the supervision of your Instructor. To a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet, this experience will be the first step in your new diving activity that might just change your life.

Toursbooking reserves the right to cancel the trip due any unforeseen circumstance such as bad weather postpone it to another day.



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Package-2 Persons
Package Transfer - 1 Standard Car
Important! To make a booking less than 24hr before, please call us on (230) 5293 3016.

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