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Flyn Dive

Préparez-vous pour une expérience géniale! Flyn’ Dive vous assure des sensations inoubliables et des émotions captivantes.
Imaginez la possibilité de sortir des eaux claires et de voler sans gravité, où vous pourrez assister à la splendeur de Grand Baie.
Aucune expérience préalable requise pour cette activité. Vous serez pris en charge par bateau au point de rendez-vous à Grand Baie Beach ou directement depuis la plage devant votre hôtel à Grand Baie, pour une augmentation d’adrénaline, pleine d'excitation et d'amusement, où vous pourrez voler comme 'Iron Man' et plonger comme un dauphin.
Veuillez consulter les points ci-dessous;

  • Pick up and Drop off by the Grand Bay beaches
  • Explanations and Briefing
  • Mandatory safety measures
  • Equipment including the swim vest ( in different sizes (XS - XXXL) and FLYn’DiveTM (lent)
  • Greatest fun and an wonderful extraordinary experience
  •  You are encouraged to share this exciting adventure with a group of friends or family members. Groups will be done in private sessions without unfamiliar people.
  • Participants in a group of 3 for the FLYn’DiveTM Tandem package have to expect an overall duration of 1 hour (adding 20 minutes for each additional group member).
  • A parent or legal guardian for participants under 18 years old, will have to sign the voucher
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate for safety reason


  • Operating days : All days                             
  •  Operating hours : 10:30 a.m. - 16:00 p.m.
  •  Duration: A standard group of 3 participants will last 1 hour   
  •  Equipment: Swim vests will be provided in different sizes (XS - XXXL)
  •  Minimum participants for group session: 3
  •  Maximum weight per person, Tandem flight: 65kg
  •  Minimum Age: Above 6 years old
The certified and experienced instructor explains how the Flyn’Dive- Board works during a full safety briefing. Strap into the Fly n’Dive-Board. The swim vest and the floating board let you float easily on the sea.

The Fly n’Dive-Board is connected to a powerful water pump by a hose creating a water jet that will send you softly or soaring into the air as you want. Imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the clear waters and fly up seemingly without gravity. The gorgeous Grand Baie will spread out before you.

Learn how to steer and control your elevation, as well as well as how to perform graceful landings.You might even get to practice some tricks or simple stunts. At the end of your session , head back to beach.
  • Flyn’Dive Flyboard, single person, single session.
  • Description: one person will be picked up by boat from the agreed meetingpoint at Grand Bay beaches and will receive instructions and security equipment.
  • Then the person will be taxied to the flight area, mounts the Flyboard, performs Flyboarding for 20 minutes by his/her own and will be brought back to the embarkation point and checked out.
  • Restrictions: age 12-80 years; max. 140kg.
  • Only in Combination with Flyboard Flight or Group of 3 to 5 Persons performing Tandem Flight
  • FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Flight for a single person who weighs less than 65 kg (single session) together with a Certified FLYn’DiveTM instructor for 10 minutes.
  • Description: one person on which the person(s) who performs the main activity Flyboarding F11 agrees (friends and family) together with the F11 Flyboarder(s) OR a group of minimum three persons doing the Tandem only will be picked up by boat at the same agreed meeting point and will receive instructions and security equipment.
  • The person will perform standing together with the instructor on the same Flyboard a passive flight of around 10 minutes. When everyone performed their flights then the person together with the group will be brought back and checked out at the embarkation point.
  • Only in combination with the FLYn’DiveTM Tandem Package.
  • Description: FLYn’DiveTM Accompaniment for a single person (single session). The person accompanying the Flyboarder will be a spectator on the boat.
  • The person will be picked up by boat together with the Flyboarder(s) at the same agreed meeting point and will receive instructions and security equipment. 
  • Then person accompanies the Flyboarder(s) as spectator from the boat and will be brought back and checked out at the embarkation point.

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