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The Seven Coloured Earths are a geological formation and prominent tourist attraction found in the Chamarel plain of the Rivière Noire District in south-western Mauritius.

Curious Corner aims to help you explore that grey area of life, where things are not what they seem, whilst having fun in the process.

Come and try these unforgettable adventures at Chamarel Village and discover a selection of Mauritius wonders!

Andrea Lodges is a little nature sanctuary in the wild and untamed South of the island has a perfect spot for eco-tourism and adventure in Mauritius!

The Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum is located in the newly renovated coral bungalow by the seashore at Souillac. It is at this place that the Mauritian poet spent the last years of his life. Robert...

The Tamarind Falls Hike is surely a hike you want to add to your list of thrilling climbs that you will experience in Mauritius. Through its greenery and rainforest-like setting you would not actually...

The natural richness of the Mauritian lagoon, where you can observe some 600 species of fish and the inviting water temperature, between 23 ° and 27 ° depending on the season, also offers a range of beach...

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