• Port Louis – Central Market / Bazar Central


Port Louis – Central Market / Bazar Central

Book the excursion which includes the Central Market of Port-Louis:
The Port-Louis Bazar is always very busy, colourful and at all time a feast for the senses!
Discover Port-Louis Central market, one of the oldest on the island. The central marked moved to its current location in 1828 and the oldest building you will see here is from 1833. To pay a visit to the market is meeting with the Mauritians in their everyday life.
The market is split in to 3 main areas: fruits and vegetables on one side of the central alley and the craft market as well as spices on the other and across the road you will find the meat sections. The fruit and vegetable sections is such a vibrant sight! The market is very seasonal and currently in winter time you will find more local vegetables than tropical fruit – mangoes, papayas and pineapples are for the summer months.
There you will also find a famous local drink known as ‘alouda’ which is next to the vegetable section in the food court. A cool milky drink with basil seeds, rose water and some other tasty stuff. You also have many other food stalls here and around the bazaar many delicious street foods: doll puri, roti, farata, gateau piment, samosas or local sorbet, just to name a few. The food stalls will take you around the world: Chinese, African or Indians specialities – and always with the famous Mauritian twist. This is definitely a must experience during your time in Port Louis.
The spices and the craft market is a happy messy area where you can find the expertise of local craftsmen: baskets, sculptures, jewellery or music instruments. Hindi colourful stores are also available and amazing to look at. The spices, the Chinese medicinal herbs or the dry salted fish give this place a particular aspect with its special scents.
More than just a commercial area, the central market of Port Louis is a historic place and it symbolises all the diversity that can be found on the island. . If you are coming to Port Louis for a day, a stop at the bazar is a must and you will surely go back home with endless memories.

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