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Blue Penny Museum

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It displays a precious heritage collection about Mauritius and the region. A real voyage in space and time, this history and art museum will take you on the steps of the explorers and the successive occupation of the island, at the cross-road of civilizations from Europe, Africa and Asia.
The museum prides itself on the two issues of the famous ‘Post Office’ stamp dating back to 1847 and considered as two of the most precious items of worldwide philately. Although dedicated to the world-famous Mauritian one-penny and two-pence stamps of 1847, the Blue Penny Museum is far more wide-ranging than its name suggests, taking in the history of the island's exploration, settlement and colonial period, and even detouring into the Paul and Virginie legend.
On the ground floor you'll see a fantastic selection of antique maps, engravings from different periods in history, and photographs, as well as the country's most famous work of art: a superbly lifelike statue by Mauritian sculptor Prosper d'Épinay, carved in 1884. Based on Bernardin de St-Pierre's novel ‘Paul et Virginie’, the sculpture depicts the young hero carrying his sweetheart across a raging torrent.
In the souvenir shop you can get nice souvenirs from Mauritius, designed for the museum like replicas, postcards or decorative objects.
For the duration of the visit you should time between 30 and 90 minutes. The collection is attractively presented through modern staging techniques, including sounds and light special effects as well as multimedia screens.

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