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What to buy in Mauritius

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Taking home a souvenir of your travels is one of the best ways to re-live your journey after you return. Conjure the sights, sounds and smells of your adventure in Mauritius with our guide to the best Mauritian souvenirs…here are some of the most representative Mauritius souvenirs to add to your luggage.
1) Rum:
  • Chamarel Rum: It is one of the rare distilleries still in activity to cultivate its own sugarcane. They are carefully selected and grown exclusively for the production of Chamarel Rums.
  • St Aubin Rum: St Aubin Rhum Agricole comes from Mauritius, and is made by distilling fresh sugar cane juice in the French method. St Aubin itself has been in the business of sugar production since 1819, and started to distil it quite recently. This particular spirit is un-aged and clean, crisp and tangy.
  • Pink Pigeon Rum: The rum is un-aged deliberately to secure a smooth, light and elegant taste which serves the canvas for the infusion of the natural flavours.



2) Tea:
Mauritius has its home-grown version of the most consumed beverage in the world, and that since 1892. You can have your share of it at the Bois Chéri tea factory, the largest facility on the island. A wide array of blends is on offer and, in some cases, tasting is permitted prior to purchase.


3) Tante bazaar:
The traditional shopping basket of Mauritius is made from dried leaves of vacoas(common screwpine). Making itself very rare at some point, it is now back in the limelight with the recent ban on plastic bags. They exist in all sizes and colours and come with handles. An interesting aspect of it is the fresh, tropical scent it diffuses every time it’s used.


4) Special Sugar:
The island is home to several award-winning special sugars. The fruition of a distinctive alchemy, they are now very much sought after in haute cuisine and for high tea in leading capitals.


5) Traditional Sega Compilation:
While most of the local Mauritian songs are available online, the best sega (traditional local music) can only be found in music shops. Head down to one of them and ask for the vintage copies. They come in very elaborate CD casings, with a history of the band, along with great pictures. Pop them into your CD player on your way to work for that ray of sunshine!



6) Phoenix beer
No one can leave the country without a crate of Phoenix beer in their luggage. In the same vein that Coca-Cola is associated with Christmas, Phoenix beer is the symbol of independence in Mauritius. Bagging several international awards since 1963, it could potentially question your hit-parade of beers.




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