• Visiting the North of Mauritius


Visiting the North of Mauritius

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Visiting the North of Mauritius
Around Mauritius, there are various small islands to visit. The northern islands were approached for the first time in 1801. The two northern islands of Mauritius not to be missed are Ilot Grabriel and Flat Island. Enjoy a trip to those islands and take a mini cruise while admire the lush landscapes.
Coin de Mire:  
The Coin de Mire, also called Gunner's Quoin, situated 8 km north of Mauritius, is well known by divers as one of the best diving sites of the north of Mauritius. At an average depth of 6 meters (depth ranges from 3-9 meters), with crystal clear water offering great visibility, the snorkeling conditions are ideal year-round. The island is a nature reserve and as such it is not possible to go on the island.
Flat Island:
 It is the largest of the northern islands. Flat Island is also completely flat, except for its one and only hill which is topped by a beautiful lighthouse (there is a beautiful 40 min trail leading all the way up to the lighthouse).
Gabriel Island:
Also known  as Îlot Gabriel,Gabriel island is a protected natural reserve. In comparison to Flat Island, Gabriel Island has less Flora and vegetation. The island is most famous for if its beautiful unspoiled beaches, with crystal clear water surrounding the entire island. It is a very popular site for snorkelers, and also offers great dive sites.
Enjoy a full day unforgettable excursion and sail through the calm water of the North Coast and enjoy the spirit of the ocean as you glide over the waves.
                                            Flat Island                                                                                Îlot Gabriel
                                                                                            Coin de Mire

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