• Village of Poudre D'or


Village of Poudre D'or

Poudre d’Or is a populated place and is located in Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius.The village being as peaceful as it can get, whenever you pay a visit there, you will be quite surprised by the sound that you can hear! A car or a bus every once in a while, but most of what makes up Poudre d’Or’s soundscape is natural; birds chirping, children playing, neighbours chatting and chicken chattering, and on some days, you can even hear distant religious hymns coming from the numerous places of worship of the village…
This visit takes us to cozy streets filled with all sorts of flowers, trees in the soil as well as in the sea, and sometimes even coming down from an abandoned house’s roof! Alongside the newly built houses painted with several shades of unmatched colours, a few historical relics that tell the ancient tales of the village to whoever keeps a sharp ear out. Those secrets are revealed to each and every visitor like a welcome token, but if you are attentive enough, you might see much more than meets the eye.
With a long lost history, Poudre D’Or beach isn’t much of hype but definitely comes with unique vibes! Although it has hardly any sand and is quite inappropriate for swimming, the lovely beach of Poudre D’Or is worth a drop-by!
With lush green trees, cool breeze and birds chipping (along with no crowd and a peaceful ambience), Poudre D’Or is best known for its past history- a dramatic tragedy that was said to have happen. In fact, there is even a memorial monument dedicated to Paul & Virginie who perished in the sea due to a tremendous storm. You may wish to find more about this novel written by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, which became viral and an instant best seller back in the days.
The monument at Poudre D’Or is dedicated to the 149 sailors aboard the ship, along with 13 passengers and not to forget -30 slaves. They all; sadly; lost their lives.
If you are eager to know more about Mauritius history and stories then Poudre d’or is definitely the place to be. You will surely enjoy your time there and create some endless memories.




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