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Vaco Baissac, known simply as Vaco by many in the world of art, is an artist who was born in Mauritius on 1940. Vaco comes from a family with artistic talent in the blood. His brother Jean Claude Baissac followed a similar path in life to Vaco. Both men are Mauritian born, studied in Europe and spent time in Africa, before returning home to Mauritius. His true passion in life is to express the Creole heritage of his native Mauritius through art. His preferred artist form is painting, but over time his endeavors have expanded to cover table wear, tablecloths, jewelry, and even sculpting.
All of those forms of expression proved to be mere side endeavors for a man whose true love is, and remains, painting. At the age of 72, Vaco continues to showcase the flora and fauna, natural landscapes, and people of the creole culture in Mauritius through paintings. His love of art stretches back through five decades of work and contains highlights that any aspiring artist could only dream of achieving.
Upon his return to Mauritius, Vaco set about rediscovering that which inspired his artwork and giving back to the people of his homeland. His first mission was to set up his own studio and provide art lessons to fellow Mauritians, both young and old. Additionally, he created murals for public and private settings across his homeland that exhibited the laid back, relaxed creole culture enjoyed by the inhabitants of Mauritius.
Visitors and residents of Mauritius alike can enjoy his works anytime they wish. No matter where his travels take him, Vaco’s gallery and studio in his homeland is a permanent reminder of his work and his love for Mauritius. His gallery can be found in the village of Grand Baie on the northern coast of island of Mauritius.
To view his work is to experience the creole culture and the way of life of his native Mauritius. Vaco continues to create pieces inspired by and dedicated to the people of Mauritius.
The Studio viewing and visits is free however by appointment only.

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