• Tourist Tips


Tourist Tips

Generally Mauritius travel guides advise that it is totally safe to visit Mauritius. Nevertheless, every destination comes with its piece of petty crime and Mauritius also forms part.
You want to know how safe is Mauritius?
Check out:
  • Google Map:  A guide will better guide you to your destination than the Google Map as it is not totally updated.
  • Drive on the left: Mauritius drives on the left so stay left.
  • Park on double yellow lines is prohibited: It is forbidden to park on double yellow lines.
  • Hiking:  It is recommended to hike with a guide in Mauritius due to dangerous unknown track.
  • Caution:  Diarrheal illness is the most common health issue during your holiday in Mauritius. Always use a sanitizer and washed your hand several times per day particularly when eating.
  • Travel by Taxi: Most of the time the taxi drivers will charge an exorbitant price to tourist, it is better to ask advise with your guide.
  • Honeymooners: If you want to enjoy honeymoon freebie during your honeymoon in Mauritius, carry your wedding card, which should prove that you exchanged vows within the last six months.


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