• Tamarind Falls


Tamarind Falls

The Tamarind Falls Hike is surely a hike you want to add to your list of thrilling climbs that you will experience in Mauritius. Through its greenery and rainforest-like setting you would not actually believe that you are amidst an island surrounded by such serene beaches.
Tamarind Falls also commonly known as the 7 cascades or Tamarin falls, can be found near the small village of Henrietta, in the South West of Mauritius. It originates from the Rivière Tamarin and has at least seven simultaneous waterfalls.
The Tamarind Falls has a total height of 293 meter/961 feet and is therefore the highest waterfall in Mauritius. You can find a variety of exotic plants and birds in this calm and enchanted venue. Furthermore a part of the water is being used for generating hydro electric power and it has a reservoir.
A visit to the Tamarind Falls offers a unique experience in the middle of nature, where seven stepped waterfalls run down strings of rivers to a beautiful pond at the bottom. The canyons were formed by the Tamarind River which is sourced in the mountains of the Black River Range.


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