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Rochester Falls

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Mauritius Island, being of volcanic origin, offers quite some natural wonders that many may have had the occasion to contemplate. Found in the district of Savanne, and forming part of the Old Terracine Sugar Estate (now Pepiniere), Rochester Falls is one of those famous attractions flowing from the Savanne River. 
The cascading waters tumble from a height of 10 meters through the rocky beds of the Savanne River. Mesmerizing as it may seem, this spectacular sight serves as an ideal spot for a quick refreshing plunge or a small picnic break. The breathtaking scenery, cascading waterfalls, pools of clear water, and luxuriant greeneries surrounding the region, makes it a wonderful site to see and a relaxing experience. 
The Rochester Falls are well worth a visit when driving through the south of Mauritius. The waterfall is beautifully surrounded by trees and you can enjoy it without many people being there. You can take a swim and relax at the sound of the waterfall, but you can also climb the waterfall and take a jump.
You can jump off the Rochester Falls from several points but you have to take a risky climb though to reach most places.. There is also a bush path next to the waterfall where you can access the top through a three minute walk.
The Rochester Falls are perfect as well for escaping the sun and relaxing in the water while admiring your surroundings. You can enjoy the beauty in silence if you’re a nature lover or enjoy yourself if you’re playful one. All this makes the Rochester Falls one of the best places and waterfall in Mauritius.
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