• Pieter Both Mountain


Pieter Both Mountain

Pieter Both is the most iconic mountain in Mauritius and the second highest after Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire. It is named after Pieter Both who was the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies before dying in a shipwreck on his way home.
Words will not say enough. Only an image or a video can give you an impression of the amazing 360 degrees view you will have on top, but bewared. Climbing Pieter Both mountain to the top is not for everyone.
To climb the mountain following the main ridge takes about an hour, and is mildly difficult. It is mainly a scramble, and being exposed, a rope is advised. The dramatic boulder on the pinnacle is about nine metres in diameter, and has several iron spikes fixed to it to aid climbing to the top. The top is flat and about two meters across.
Expedition minded people looking for adventure will love this trip. Eventually on top of Pieter Both mountain, everyone will love to be able to see Port Louis, the northern islands or beauty of the inland.
You can climb the 812 meters to the top of Pieter Both mountain without climbing gear, but many times it will not be easy and you can feel a little bit unsafe. You will not find any rails or safety fences on Pieter Both mountain. So as well on top you have to watch out where you place your foot, or that you do not bump against someone else.
On the other hand, having such an intensive expedition with a little bit of danger provides you with a day you will never forget and a wonderful view of Mauritius.





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