• Orange-My.T SIM card


Orange-My.T SIM card

The Republic of Mauritius is one of the top tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of the African continent. If you’re visiting Mauritius on vacation, investing in a prepaid SIM card may help you cut down on costs in this remote paradise.
Looking for a Mauritius network that includes various options and packages?
Orange-My.T SIM brings you a lot of benefits!
Buy your Orange Prepay SIM card at one of the various Telecom shops or at the retailers across the island and kindly bring along your Passport as you are a tourist. Orange is the market leader in Mauritius with the most customers and the best overall coverage.  
  • Why choose a my.t SIM?
  • Fast 4G- The best 4G network on the island
  • Easy recharge-Various recharge methods, including emergency credit
  • Facebook- Free facebook for all Smartphone users( With conditions)
  • Reward- Free Calls, SMS & mobile internet as bonus
  • Promos & deals-Exclusive Promos and deals
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