• One of the authentic wealth of Mauritius “Bois Cheri Estate”


One of the authentic wealth of Mauritius “Bois Cheri Estate”

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Tea can hardly be called a trend – after all, it’s been grown, picked, traded and sipped for centuries. But for the last few decades – in the West at least – tea has continually played second fiddle to coffee in the realm of hot drink worship, receiving nowhere near the level of esteem and adoration as the beloved bean
A wise person once said, “It can never be too late in the day for a cup of tea”.
History of Bois Cheri
Tea plantations used to cover large portions of the upper parts of Mauritius but were gradually then cleared to make way to development and settlement. Few tea plantations can now be seen on the island mainly in the highlands at Bois Cheri. There, the tea museum which relates the story of tea making in Mauritius right from the beginning till today is found. The Bois Cheri tea factory which is the leader of tea production in Mauritius.It is the place where first hand tea production can be observed while the guides inform you of the different stages of tea making.




The Tea Route
Discover the succession of fragrances and the contrasts of multitude of colours enrich this outing which alternates between the past and the present! We guide you along the Mauritius tea route through a special itinerary.
Your trip starts with the visit of the Domaine des Aubineaux, colonial house of the late 19th century, where you will be immersed in the history and discover the antique furnitures dating back to "Compagnie des Indes" (17th century).
You will drive through Bois Chéri, the first tea plantations of Mauritius in the village of Bois Chéri, where you can discover the process of tea manufacturing. Take a tea break, where a wide range of infusions are offered: flavoured black tea (plain, mint, coconut, bergamot, earl grey, lemon or vanilla), herbal teas (with ayapana, lemongrass or ginger) and green teas – plain or with jasmine. Grab a few minutes on its wooden terrace – cup of tea in hand – and gaze down on an ancient volcanic crater now transformed into a small lake, surrounded by century-old trees and shrubs.


The Sugar Estate, Saint Aubin, in the South is another stop on the Tea Route.The process of sugar manufacturing will be explained with the opportunity of tasting rum.
La serre d’Anthurium du Domaine de St Aubin is a visit which should not be missed!
The visit will take you to the past history of Mauritius and its surroundings. The architecture, the garden and the setup give an idea of life in the past skillfully woven with a modern presentation.
This trip is really unique and you will be amazed by the culinary and cultural journey about the history of tea production in Mauritius where you will be able to explore this fervor. 
If you are a tea lover , Bois Cheri tea estate  need  absolutely to  be on your travel checklist!

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