• New Year in Mauritius


New Year in Mauritius

Mauritius celebrates the New Year with major festivities on the 31st December and two consecutive public holidays on 1st and 2nd January. Mauritius is amongst a minority of nations that provide a two-day New Year public holiday each year.
New Year in Mauritius is a huge celebration under summer sun and the beautiful glowing flame tree. The tradition on the island is to welcome the New Year with loud fireworks to chase away the bad spirits of the ending year and start afresh. A few minutes before midnight, every household is out in the garden with their fireworks ready. Many hotels mark the event by putting on fantastic firework shows. Moreover, if you are not staying in a hotel you can still enjoy the experience by visiting various spot where you will have the opportunity to enjoy fireworks as Trou Aux Cerfs situated in the Center of the island, where you will have a view of all around the island at a high point or at Grand Baie while watching from the beach the fireworks all around the bay.
Some families will throw a big get together a few days after New Year’s Day, in many cases it is a tradition, which passed on over several generations. Everyone gets together at someone’s house, usually the grandparents place. It is an opportunity to eat, drink and be merry. It is a time for people to come together to express their love and support for one another. In addition, it is a break before the year starts. Moreover, there are house parties, beach parties, parties at restaurants, on boats and so on, tourists can enjoy in every corner of the island. Maybe some will bring out the grill and get a Barbecue going.
The meals will vary due to the large cultural diversity of Mauritius. A mixture of cuisines, smells and delights to please everyone. Furthermore, for the gourmets, the best restaurants on the island will surely satisfy you with their delicious menus specially prepared for the occasion.
When planning a New Year’s holiday in Mauritius it is advisable to book early. Booking your flights and hotels six to eight months before can prove advantageous. This guarantees that there will be availability of flights and hotels and especially in the most affordable classes of airline and accommodation reservations. 
What could be more tempting than a holiday in Mauritius over the New Year celebrations, to spend the time in a warm climate with your loved ones?


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