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Mauritius Waterfalls

Discover a list of the Waterfalls not to be missed around the island!
Tamarind Falls-7 Cascades Waterfalls:


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Tamarind Falls also commonly known as the 7 cascades or Tamarind falls can be found near the small village of Henrietta, in the South West of Mauritius. It originates from the Rivière Tamarind and has at least seven simultaneous waterfalls. The Tamarind Falls has a total height of 293 meter/961 feet and is therefore the highest waterfall in Mauritius. You can find a variety of exotic plants and birds in this calm and enchanted venue. Furthermore a part of the water is being used for generating hydro electric power and it has a reservoir.
Eureka Waterfalls:


Book a Eureka House Visit which includes the Eureka Warefalls:
Located within the vicinity of the colonial Eureka Mansion in Moka, the Eureka Falls is another highlight of the historical area. Besides, the elegant antiquity of the manor, and tropical garden with exotic flora, the Eureka waterfalls adds a magical touch to the whole experience. Dedicated walking trails weave through native flora and along river banks, past small waterfalls and secret bridges. Look out for mango trees, various types of palms and rare specimens like the enormous agathis robusta tree, one of the best examples in Mauritius.
Chamarel Waterfalls:


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Admire an impressive natural water feature at Chamarel Waterfall. Plunging 83 m (272 ft) in a single drop, the waterfall spills over a sheer cliff face surrounded by thick vegetation, creating an iconic sight. View the fall from the observation deck located at its top, and descend to the pool at its base to enjoy some swimming in the shallow waters. Prebook to experience rappelling down the waterfall's length, taking in the scenery and the power of the ancient gush of water from a dramatic perspective. 
Rochester Falls:


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Mauritius island, being of volcanic origin, offers quite some natural wonders that many may have had the occasion to contemplate. Found in the district of Savanne, and forming part of the Old Terracine Sugar Estate (now Pepiniere), Rochester Falls is one of those famous attractions flowing from the Savanne River. This waterfall certainly must be as old as the island and exists since thousands of years ago. It is believed to be of solidified lava which has taken a vertical form of different heights, at the same time creating a ladder-like or stairs form; one can climb from the bottom to the top of the fall just by normal climbing, of course, also depending on the water flow.
Alexandra Falls:


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Alexandra Falls is hidden in the deep jungle of the Black River Gorges National. Strolling around this wondrously imaginative setting, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re on planet Earth! Alexandra Falls could definitely be the reason you’ll wake up at 6 A.M in Mauritius to achieve a peaceful and pleasant mindset. The allure of falling water; surrounded by the lush greenery, to the sounds of local bird species and other creatures are perfect continual motions that drive us as human to mentally relax at the sight of Alexandra Falls. The surroundings of the waterfalls depict a real jungle book and promise tranquillity and peacefulness while you enjoy one of the best places to see in Mauritius.
Grand River South East Waterfalls(GRSEW):


Book a Catamaran Cruise South East to Ile aux Cerfs and visit the GRSEW:
The section of Grand River South East is rugged with rapids pouring over black basaltic rock that culminates in a large waterfall. The Grand River South East is another highly visited attraction in Mauritius. Situated in the South Eastern Coast of Mauritius, you will pass through meandering roads leading to coastal villages before you reach the waterfall. The visit of the waterfalls is usually combined with a trip to Ile aux Cerfs, another popular tourist attraction in Mauritius.
Exil Waterfalls:


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In the outskirts of the Combo Forest lying in the southernmost tip of Mauritius, flows Exil Waterfalls. Sitting on the Savanna River, Exil Canyon is surrounded by tropical forests. The canyon has moderate amount of water throughout the year and swells during the monsoons. Exil Waterfall is an ideal spot for aquatic adventure activities. There are two main waterfalls: Leon and Cascade Cecile. The river leads to the hydroelectric power station.

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