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Mauritius Postal Museum

Visit the Mauritius Postal Museum on a Tailor Made Tour:
Located in Port Louis in one of the oldest historical building on the Waterfront the Postal Museum was constructed in 1865 and was inaugurated in 1868. Presently, the museum building symbolizes the efforts undertaken to improve communications both locally and internationally.
The museum is separated into 4 rooms with different displays. There is also a philatelic gallery and a temporary exhibition area. The first room is mostly posters and information about the origins of our postal services.
Mauritius was in fact the fifth country in the world, after Great Britain, Brazil, Switzerland and North America, to introduce stamps; thus making us the 2nd country of the southern hemisphere and the 1st English colony in September 1847. They were the famous blue and red penny stamps with the face of Queen Victoria, amongst the rarest in the world. 2 of them can be found at the Blue Penny museum of the Caudan Waterfront.
The rarity of these stamps coming from the fact that it was wrongly printed with the lettering ‘post office’ when in fact it should have been ‘post paid’. These more widespread stamps were also on display on boards in the same area.
Room number three also contains quite a lot of equipment: old letter boxes, automatic stamp machines, old scales, etc.
Upstairs in the final display room, there is some more information and anecdotes about contemporary postal services, as well as a little visual of a postman and his bicycle. This uniform looks similar to the one worn today by postmen around the island.
The visit is not very long. Depending on how much you want to read all information and take time watching all the different equipments it will probably take about half an hour to forty five minutes to visit it all.
The Mauritius Postal Museum invites you to discover the major events that marked the history of the postal services in Mauritius from its origin till nowadays.







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