• Mauritius Local Cuisine


Mauritius Local Cuisine

Both Mauritius and Rodrigues offer a vast variety of delicious cuisine, reflecting the diverse nature of the many cultures that make up the islands. Tickle your tastebuds with Creole, French, Indian or Chinese.
Absolute must-tries:
  • Creole rougailles: The basic ingredients of most Creole cuisine are tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and chilies.
  • Indian curry: Made up of traditional blends of home-crushed spices, curries are adapted to suit the locals by adding tomatoes.
  • Camarons (giant prawns): These are often served with a delicious red sauce made from tomatoes, ginger and herbs.
  • Millionaire’s salad: A magical mix of oysters, shrimps, crayfish, crabs and Rosenbergi prawns, this colorful dish is served with sauce rouge and the heart of a palm tree (one of the best and most expensive treats in Mauritius, the heart of the palm is very tasty and makes a great accompaniment to seafood.)
  • Mauritian curried beef: A range of spices are mixed with tomatoes, onions and coriander to make this delicious curry.
  • Mango Achards and Piment Confit: Mauritians are masters at making their own food delicacies and accompaniments.
  • Spiced Lamb with Spinach: This combines lamb with ginger, chillies, curry, cumin and turmeric all served with cooked spinach.
  • Pumpkin sautéed with fenugreek seeds, onions, garlic, curry and chillies makes an excellent accompaniment to any of the above.
  • Lentil Noire: A rich side dish Mauritians always have with their rice and curries.
  • Dol Pouri, Samoussas, Gateau Piments and Farratas are available at every street corners
  • Rougaille saucisses, black lentil and rice is a must-try Local fruit and vegetables are available throughout the year and complement many of the main dishes.



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