• Hari Hara Devasthanam, International Temple


Hari Hara Devasthanam, International Temple

Hinduism is one of the major religions in Mauritius, representing some 55% of the population according to the 2011 census. All across the island are Hindu temples of immense beauty and charm, Hari Hara Devasthanam, International Temple is undoubtedly one of them!
The Hari Hara Devasthanam is the home of Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Constructed in 2000, it has become the preferred venue for individuals or collective prayers and religious celebrations at national levels. The Temple has consecrated idols of Laxmi-Narayan,Shiva Ling, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Mother Durga, Kartikeya, Sudarsan and Nava Grahas imbibed with cosmic powers.
Our devotees have witnessed miracles by the vibration of prayers. We have witnessed honey from the murthi of Laxmi-Narayan, oil from Surya bagwan and recently Maha Shivaratree prayers, Lord Shiva's snake left the print of his sacred visit near the unique 11 feet Jaleswar Shiva Linga at the temple. Devotees come in hundreds and surrender to the Lord in front of the sacred Murthis to seek peace and harmony.
The Maha Kumbabhishekam of Lord Venkateswara statue at the Hari Hara Devasthanam is found at 16eme Mille, Forest-Side.
Inspired by Lord Venkateswara led the Hari Hara Devasthanam of 16eme Mille, Forest-Side to construct a unique 108 feet tall statue of Lord Venkateswara on the premises of the temple, to bless Mauritius and countries of the region. This majestic statue will enable devotees to rejoice in the presence of the Lord’s abode and chant his name with utmost devotion.
This is a unique place in Mauritius known for its cultural aspects and its colourful temple and monuments creations! This 108 feet statue of Lord Venkateswara is even unique in the world making Mauritians proud. It is the manifestation of the devotion and belief of Acharya Brundavanam Partha Sarathi in the power of the divine and has been masterminded under the able Guidance of Guru Pita Shrinivasacharyaji.








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