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Mauritius, the paradise island on the Indian Ocean, although not large in size, is exceptionally rich in natural beauty. The amazing gorges, beaches, cliffs, waterfalls and natural wonders are situated just a few steps away one from another. The tropical climate it enjoys is ideal for vacation all year round. You shouldn’t miss the must see wonders of the South and to guide you we’ve put up a selection of the best spots to enjoy.
Gris-Gris cliffs and the beach
Gris-Gris, the southernmost point of Mauritius is completely different from the rest of the island. You will not find the ubiquitous coral reefs and the idyllic, quiet scenery here. The waves are incredible as crashing against the walls of the cliffs; they make a wonderful show of the power of the nature. Because of the absence of coral reefs, the waves are untamed and offer a year-round view of big waves. Surfers would certainly love that spot if there weren’t those cliffs and rocks in the sea and beach area.
Pont Naturel - Natural Bridge
Pont Naturel (Natural Bridge) is exactly what the name says. It's a volcanic rock formation (2 meters or 6.5 feet long) that looks like a man-made bridge yet it is formed by natural processes. It's a part of the cliff at Gris-Gris. On the surface, there are many little holes through which sea water goes making whistling sounds. That's why this place is also called "Le Souffleur" which means "a blower". Nearby, there's a nice wooded area where you can find shelter from the heat.
Roche Qui Pleur (Crying Rocks)
Still in the surroundings of Gris Gris, the most spectacular part is undoubtedly the “Roche Qui Pleure” (Crying Rocks) where the constant squashing of waves against the flanks of the cliff gives the impression that the cliff is crying. This place is very much visited by tourists. Even sunset over Gris Gris offers a spectacular view.
The wonders of Gris Gris nature are endless. It's a perfect place for picnics and is very popular among locals. So if you want to have a nice time wondering around in the South of Mauritius do try these spots you will be amazingly surprised by its beauties!

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