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Ebony Forest

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A breath-taking view overlooks the whole West Coast, from Le Morne World Heritage Site to the mountains of Port-Louis.
Admire the fruit bats, swiftlets and tropic birds that soar along the ridgeline as well as the crystal clear blue waters surrounding Ile aux Benitiers.
The exhibition centre will take you on a journey over 8 million years, starting from when volcanic eruptions created the island to the present day. You will discover the unique animals and plants that once lived here and the destructive impact that humans have had in the last 400 years. You will learn what is being done to save the remaining native plants and animals.
Two mid-canopy walkways through ebony forest
Unique to Mauritius, the raised walkways will leave you with the sensation of floating through one of the best preserved ebony forests. Along the walkways, there are regular informative signs or you can have a guided tour with one of experienced staff.
Native fauna and flora
Ebony Forest is one of the few places where you can meet the remaining rare and threatened endemic birds. You will see native birds, such as the Paradise Flycatcher and Mauritius Bulbul, which are hard to see elsewhere.
Native Plant Nursery 
Visitors are able to see where they grow plants for the restoration work and those interested can take home a native plant, contributing to the protection of the native forest.
Ebony Forest is not only committed to restoring the forest, but to inspiring others to participate and get involved. Visitors can go on birdwatching and hiking tours, partake in the planting activities and visit the Ecology Centre. The team welcomes volunteers and works with multiple local and international partners in support of the conservation work. A visit to Ebony Forest helps support the continuous conservation work.
Acting today to conserve and restore our biodiversity will have huge dividends in the future. Enjoy the unbeatable views and journey through the Ebony Experience museum. 

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