• Domaine de L’étoile; an amazing drive and view


Domaine de L’étoile; an amazing drive and view

Book the excursion which includes Domaine de L'étoile:
Let’s go off the beaten track and discover one of the most romantic spots on the island.


Domaine de l’étoile is located in the east of the island and offers ecotourism and leisure activities, including quad biking, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking,giant ziplines and archery.                                                                                             








Your guide will provide interesting information on the spectacular surroundings and introduce you to the endemic flora and fauna. The dazzled visitors will witness spectacular panoramas, Java deers and endemic birds.
Rustic trails lead visitors to the top of the Bambou Mountain range with breathtaking panoramic views onto the eastern and southern expanses of the island and the surrounding ocean. A children’s village offers outdoor experiences to children aged 3-12.
The intensity of this discovery trails contrast with the quietness and peacefulness of the garden and the restaurant where guests like to recall the special moments of the day while enjoying the tasty local cuisine. A restaurant with traditional Mauritian cuisine is situated next to a rippling river stream with stunning views onto the mountain.
Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, a cultural discovery or a gentle getaway, you will live a unique experience through all leisure activities. 

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