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De Senneville Art Gallery

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In 1987, Hélène De Senneville opened her gallery in the North of Mauritius. For 25 years, in addition to the gallery, she has developed in other creative fields. In all the avenues explored, she has always based her ideas around her beloved island.
Since 1987, Galerie Hélène de Senneville has provided a meeting place between artists and lovers of fine art and has played an important part in the promotion of Mauritian art. An enriching experience, the gallery offers a range of original and reproduction work.
Catering to specific needs, the ‘L’Atelier’ at Galerie Hélène de Senneville proposes individual concepts and translates them into unique handmade works, which can be reproduced. ‘L’Atelier’ offers the perfect solution for sourcing decorative arts.
Tot’s Boutique’ is a treasure trove of Hélène de Senneville’s favourites. Inspired by a combination of her affinity with her homeland and travels abroad, her range of handmade gifts are created in the ‘L’Atelier’, based in Mauritius.
Hélène de Senneville tells a story through her ‘Les Voyages de Tot’s’ products. Through drawings and writings she recreates the ambiance and memory of a place. These memories are translated into charming keepsakes such as paintings, cushions and bags...
A visit to this gallery is a beautiful look into both the rich history and the exciting future of the island.



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