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On your way to the curious corner get the chance to discover the authentic village of Chamarel. Chamarel is a picturesque village in the deep South of Mauritius with nature all around  offering an exceptional local setting. Chamarel hosts mainly a Creole population that has built an economy around tourism, with plenty of family-run restaurants and ecotourism attractions.
The establishment is located opposite the Seven Coloured Earths, and is the first gallery of interactive illusions and art of its kind on the island.
Everyone is curious, that’s one of mankind’s distinctive characteristics! From the first dawn, man has wondered, and driven by curiosity, created and shaped his environment, but what is real and what is just an illusion?
Curious Corner aims to help you explore that grey area of life, where things are not what they seem, whilst having fun in the process.
Guests can also visit the Exhibit Centre and experience a world of mind bending fun, browse the many curios in the Puzzles & Things Shop and enjoy the delights on offer at The Corner Café in the garden.
Curious Corner Includes:
Mirror Maze- Mirror mazes are challenging adventures for the body and mind.  By surrounding your pathways with mirrors you see infinite reflections, impossible corridors and mind-bending light effects. The 200 mirrors will justly enable you to find your way in and out of the maze! 
The Ames room - The Ames room appears to be a cubic room where 2 people standing in the same room appear much bigger or smaller than the other one. A picture moment with your partner to show who is really the bigger one literally! 
The upside down room - Has the thought of living upside down ever crossed your mind? Then, this is the place for your thought to put into practice, of how you can defy gravity and Newton’s law for that matter. You may even end up saying it could all just be a myth. Just don’t let Newton hear you saying that! 
The Laser music room - Who does not want to be the next maestro or Bon Jovi for that matter. Try out your musical aspirations whilst playing your favourite jingle with the laser beams. 
So, get ready for a curious adventure, come and experience the first illusion house in Mauritius. Curious Corner can’t wait to welcome you into his world of magic and mystery where nothing is quite what it seems!






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