• Climate in Mauritius


Climate in Mauritius

Mauritius Weather
Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate throughout the year. The country has two seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September. The month of October and May are commonly known as the transition months.
Summer Months
Mean summer temperature is 24.7 degrees Celsius and mean winter temperature is 20.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference between the seasons is only 4.3 degrees Celsius. The warmest months are January and February with average day maximum temperature reaching 29.2 degrees Celsius
The Island receives 6.5 to above 8 hours of bright sunshine daily. In summer months around 6.0 hours of bright sunshine are received over the high grounds, whereas the coastal regions are exposed to 7.5 to over 8.0 hours of bright sunshine. In winter months, the Central Plateau receives around 5.0 hours of bright sunshine whereas the coast receives above 7.5 hours of bright sunshine.


Winter Months
The coolest months are July and August when average night minimum temperatures drops down to 16.4 degrees Celsius. Winter months in Mauritius and Rodrigues are windier than in summer. It is likely that the trade wind, mainly from the East South East, will blow at an average speed of 20 to 30 km/h. Occasionally, the passage of strong anticyclones to the south of the Indian Ocean may strengthen the wind over the Mascarenes. On some occasions, the sea is likely to become very rough with heavy swells generated by the combined effect of deep travelling lows and strong anticyclones to the south of the Mascarenes. The breaking waves are likely to reach the southern and western shores of Mauritius and Rodrigues and cause temporary inundation of low lying areas.


Day and night temperature is likely to be slightly above normal, both in Mauritius and in Rodrigues. However, cold spells may set in for a few days, especially in August. It is still likely that minimum temperature may drop to 12 degrees Celsius at Mauritius and around 14 degrees Celsius at Rodrigues during the remaining winter months. 
The water temperature of the Indian Ocean can go up to 28°C in summer. Usually wind is blowing quiet steady from easterly directions. Mauritius is not far from the Capricorn. That means that the sun is longer at its highest point than anywhere else.
  • During summer (November to April) the temperature is around 27° C on the coast and around 22°C on the Central Plateau.
  • During winter (May to October) the temperature is around 22° C on the coast and around 19°C on the Central Plateau.
  • December, January and February are the warmest Months, with average temperature of around 27-28°C.
  • July is considered the coolest month of the year with average temperature of around 20-21°C.


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