• Christmas in Mauritius


Christmas in Mauritius

In Mauritius, as with all other islands in the Indian Ocean, the seasons are reversed when compared to the northern hemisphere. So in December you won’t witness so! Christmas is celebrated in the sun! Who has never dreamed of spending Christmas with family in sunny Mauritius? The feet in the sand at the edge of a lagoon at 29 ° … It is a unique and unforgettable experience that you will remember forever! But it is easy to imagine that travellers are likely to want to try such an experiment …
During this period of the year, the splendid flame trees are in bloom with their bright red fiery flowers. During your stay in the hotels or villas or while visiting the island, you will come across Tropical fruits like mangoes of all sizes, colours, shapes and flavours; pineapples; litchis(Lychee); Longan (Dragon Eye Fruit); and watermelons abound. Every Mauritian knows the séga, the island’s national dance, which originated with African slaves but is now part of every celebration. And as you know December = Celebration. You can catch a séga at one of the island’s hotels. During weekends, since BBQs are famous in December and if you are lucky you may catch an impromptu performance on public beaches such as Flic en Flac. Some perform it the traditional way, barefoot around a bonfire on the beach, with the women in billowing skirts and crop tops sashaying around the men to a plaintiff lament and an ever-present drumbeat. The south-west of the island, which has the strongest Creole flavour, is famed for its séga music and dancing, and performances take centre stage at the annual Kreol international Festival in December.
This beautiful journey on the island of Mauritius is itself a sublime gift! Christmas equals to shopping and shopping means money! To reduce cost, we suggest you do your shopping locally: Port Louis Market, factory outlets, workshops models, spices shops …
On Christmas Eve, most people set up and decorate their Christmas trees which vary from natural pine and spruce trees to artificial ones. The house, especially the living room is also decorated. Christmas carols are mainly heard on radio/television and in shopping centres but most Mauritians do not play Christmas carols at home. The western traditional dishes like the stuffed turkey or Christmas pudding are slowly entering the Mauritian culture. Christmas cakes like the Bûche de Noël remains a very demanded and consumed commodity just like wine, scotch whisky, rum and champagnes. As usual, the night of December 24 in the Mauritian families is all about gifts and many also usually blow fireworks at midnight.
Traditionally, Christmas gifts are offered to kids and young people and is placed under the warmly decorated Christmas Tree. Gifts are opened in the morning on Christmas day and most kids believe in Father Christmas
More than a tourist destination, Mauritius is primarily a continuously vibrant place to live aside warm and friendly people. As menu, Christmas and New Year are greeted with sweets, chocolates, candies, the Xmas log which is a typical specialty of the festival, and other local gourmet dishes. Wines, whiskeys, punch and fruit juices or soft drinks are also the party and fulfil the caddies.
 This year, spend your Christmas holidays in this small paradise and you will leave the island with beautiful memories that you will not never be able to forget.



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