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Cap Malheureux Chapel

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Cap Malheureux is a small fishing village located in the region of Riviere du Rempart District on the northern coast tip of Mauritius. It offers breathtaking views of some small islands off the coast, such as Flat Island famous for its lighthouse, Gunner’s Coin, Gabriel Island and Round Island where you can see a wildlife bird sanctuary with its harmless boas and indigenous lizards. Cap Malheureux’s population is of approximately 4,803 people.
The Cap Malheureux Chapel is probably one of the most well known photography spots in Mauritius: the little church with the red roof located in Cap Malheureux, on the north of the island, a 10 minutes drive from Grand Bay. The views are beautiful as the chapel lays just in front of Gunner’s Quoin – Le Coin de Mire – and other of the Northern Isles are visible as well. It is also a great playground for children, with rock pools and lots of things to discover, while adults sit in the shade and enjoy the views.
The chapel, founded in 1938, is very simple inside. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Many tourists come and join mass on sunny Sunday mornings – so it is always full and people end up sitting around and standing in front and on the side of the church where loud speakers are put up.
It is said that the name of the village Cap Malheureux (the Cape of Bad Luck) was given because many ships wrecked not far on the coral reefs, including the famous St Géran – the ship mentioned in ‘Paul et Virginie’, by Bernardin de St Pierre. The St Géran actually never reached Cap Malheureux as it hit the coral reefs a little before at Ile d’Ambre.
Moreover Cap Malheureux is the perfect destination for windsurfing and kiteboarding lovers. The best months to go there for windsurfing are June, July, August, September and October in which the wind blows at the speed of 15 and 25 knots. The wind speed becomes low from December to April.
With all its beautiful and unique aspects the village of Cap Malheureux is definitely a must see during your time in Mauritius so don’t miss a visit in this wonder picturesque bay.




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